Impacts of Social Media

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine and we ended up discussing Social Media and its impact.

What TV and Newspaper couldn’t do to our parents is done by Social Media because these days they are more informed or at least as informed as us about anything happening anywhere on the globe. Majority of them are less educated, but after the onset of Facebook and WhatsApp, they are comfortable with reading and writing in English and this has resulted in an increase in their confidence level. There are many people who have got Job Offers through Facebook or Instagram or Quora.

Sadly enough, there are many negative things to this new addiction of Social Media. There was a time when we used to pray to God as we woke up and now that position is taken by our Mobile Phones. We wake up to see the new updates in people’s lives or check the stories of people on our contact list on WhatsApp or read the Tweets of the Politicians and Bollywood stars and react on that. Before a decade or so when our so-called smartphone was not so smart and not so widely used, we used to enjoy each others company (not the virtual one we have through phones) and letters were the mode of communication where we poured our heart and the excitement to meet our cousins and uncles and aunts was immense because we met once or twice a year!

Now the meeting scenario is same but we have video call facilities which virtually brings the faraway person on our phone screen.
The sad part is even when we meet once a year, we are spending time with our phone chatting with a friend rather than giving that time to our relatives.

But everything has two sides and the same is the case with this too. Let’s see what it offers;

:: Positive goes first ::

Political Influence

We keep on reading on Twitter and Facebook about  Shri Suresh Prabhu or Shreemati Sushma Swaraj helping someone approaching them through Twitter in various ways or the politicians running their campaigns through Twitter or Facebook and keeping their daily life updated on Instagram too. This way of communication is quite faster and far more effective than the conventional way of communication through emails or letters.

With growing Social Media use by a majority of people in India, the political competition has increased because they have to keep updating their every step on daily basis to increase their engagements and this has a psychological effect on the mass thereby improving their follower base which impacts the elections as well.

Business Growth

The Digital Media has a wider reach than the traditional advertisements for growing business by leaps and bounds. With more people joining Social Media on daily basis, the businesses can increase their publicity and reach, at cheaper rates.

The process of taking Feedbacks and Reviews has become easier and widely know to the public, hence giving the businesses an idea of their products and customer needs in an easier and speedy way. Contests and Giveaways can be organized to increase the customer engagements and marketing the product at low cost.

Impact on Socialization and Society

There was a time when we were able to see our loved one staying at miles of distance only when they visit us in person once or twice in a year but now the scenario is different. We have Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc for video calling. We now stay updated with whatever is happening in the lives of our dear ones at just a few clicks or stay in contact with an old school friend.

People run various Awareness Campaigns, Human Rights Campaigns etc through Social Media, having Mass effect for their cause.

Marketing your talents and Ease of getting Jobs

With the help of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube,etc people can market their talents. There are examples of people getting their music albums sponsored by their fans. Apart from this, Professional Social Media Networks like LinkedIn help people in maintaining a reputation with the Job Providers. The organizations can market their Business values too.

:: Awareness of the Negatives ::



Social media is quite addictive and we have formed a habbit of giving it a higher priority than the real people. We don’t know it yet, but it has created a gap in our personal relations, eventhough we might have 1000+ friends on these platforms, we still suffer from anxiety or loneliness and tend to be depressed by seeing how other people live and we end up ruining our mental peace. Virtual Presence is given more importance than the person sitting next to us.


Privacy hazards

Posting each and everything on Social Media has resulted in a breach of privacy. Sometimes by publishing some contents on such platforms impacts negatively, because nowadays, to get a job, the background check is made mandatory and this results in pulling the veil of your personality(In case of social abuse)It sometimes affects personal relations too.

Lowers Productivity

Social Media is indeed addictive and if one goes deep into its clutched it is hard to come out and it affects our productivity. This is the reason why some of the organizations block the access to various social media sites to lessen the distraction of their employees. Cyber Security Breaches

There have been instances where many peoples’ account have been hacked for sheer reasons of having fun or as a part of harassing. Females face this more than their male counterparts.To curb all these, some privacy actions should be taken into consideration by every individual.

But, Social Media is a powerful tool to enhance your personality and by using it in an appropriate way, one can turn it into a blessing.

Here is a list of a few useful but lesser known sites to showcase your talents and improve your knowledge:

Quora –
Pinterest –
Flickr –
Stumble Upon –
Tumblr –
500px –

A list of some sites to make some cash alongside your talents:

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