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Content Creater

We are back with the different roles and their future scope in Social Media Marketing companies. This week, we will tell you about another core role which forms the foundation of any Digital Marketing Company – Content Creator and Content Writer.

If you think you have the ability to read up a lot of information and then pen it down in a way that is easy to understand and gives all the information that is necessary to the people, then venture into the field of Content and make your own world of words!

Most of the people are lazy when it comes to reading anything and we all love something when it is in Visual form. Due to this reason, people would prefer an informative video over an informative write-up on the same topic. This ideology makes sense because we can remember and relate something easily when we see it.

Any company needs some information as per the niche of the field in which the company is working on. There are various ways to present this information to the customers. These are, Written content which includes Blogs and Articles, Web Content or Social Media Posts; Video Content which is gaining momentum these days among the people active on Social Media or Photos and Audio Content.

These are the brainchild of a Content Developer. A Content Developer(Content Creator) has to come up with the new ideas on giving information to the people who are using the services of Social Media. This role demands a person to be aware of the daily happenings around us and should be able to present that information in a way which will gain the attention of the mass. A Content Developer has to come up with new ideas every now and then to provide useful information in a way which is easily understandable by all the people belonging to different strata of society.

Content Writer has a similar type of work as that of Content Creator. One should be good at grammar and must know various styles of writing. If you have an ability to research information available on the internet and then put it down in a way that is desirable for all the readers, you fulfilled your work as a Content Writer. A Content Writer should also be a good curator of the wide variety of content and should be able to use it appropriately to write the content that is useful to the company.

For both these roles, it is must to have creative instincts. Apart from just writing down the content in a presentable form, a Content Writer must work in collaboration with other members of the Marketing team like a Graphic Designers or a Video Content Developer to ensure a smooth running of the overall company. The task to create engaging Social Media Campaigns rests on the shoulders of the Content People! So one must have the knowledge of how to design and implement Engaging Campaigns.

How to become a Content Writer?

There are various ways to build a career as a Content Writer. Most of the people who are in this field have their Graduation in Language(BA/MA) of their choice or a Degree in Journalism or Communication. There are certain courses available to enhance the creative writing skills. One can look up such courses to improve creative thinking and writing process.

But the main thing to note here is, it is not necessary to know a particular language or have a degree to become eligible as a Content Creator/Writer because if you have the right kind of Skills as a Content Writer that are required for a Digital Marketing Company, you can join one without the above-mentioned qualifications(Varies from company to company).

These are certain online tutorials from which you can develop your writing skills and you can read up more about Content Writing:

The most desirable quality to be a Content Writer is, you should be a good Reader as well.

Hope we helped you in giving insights about the role of a Content Creator/Writer in a Digital Marketing Company.

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